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Hospital Management

A hospital manager, also referred to as a hospital administrator, plays a crucial role in managing the hospital’s day-to-day operations. They oversee daily work processes, devise departmental strategies, manage the infrastructure and employees and plan the finances and budget of the facility.With the increasing role of medical professionals after the pandemic hit the entire globe, hospital management has become one of the crucial factors.
Hospital management in a country with more than 120 crore population is complex. To deal with this issue, professionals holding an Management degree is not enough to manage a health institution. One must be specialised with a degree in hospital management. No wonder, degree in Healthcare Management or Hospital Management is booming these days.

The uncertainty derived by COVID-19 has led to a spike in demand for medical professionals and hospital managers. With the growing demand for professionals in hospital administration, our college VIAS impart professional degree course majoring in hospital operations.

Topics Covered

  • Hospital Operations Management
  • Bio Statistics
  • Health Economics
  • Medical Terminology
  • Hospital & Health System
  • Principles of Management
  • Computing Laboratory
  • Marketing Management
  • Medical Record Science
  • Inventory Control and purchase management
  • Human Resource management
  • Quality And health care
  • Summer internship
  • Medical ethics


Hospital Management course is undoubtedly a degree where the varied fields of Management, Health Care Services, Hospitality, Finances, Leadership along with administration coordinates accordingly at VIAS. The course grants the student an ability to regulate, organise and control the medical services, in Multi Speciality & Super Speciality Hospitals.

Placement Sector 

Deputy Superintendents, Hospital Superintendents, Health Care Finance Managers, Head of Departments, Researchers. The job sector of hospital map of VIVEKANANDA INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES is generally associated with Multi Speciality & Super Speciality Hospitals.
Job Profile : Organize, control & co-ordinate services as per the hospital board regulations, serves as a liaison among governing boards, medical staff and departmental managers. To oversee the development & Implementation of programmes and policies for patient services ; quality assurance, public relations and departmental activities; to authorize admission / treatment as per agreed protocols, complete timely and accurate documentation of patient visit.

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