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Why Choose the VIAS?

The Vivekananda Institute of Advanced Studies has succeeded in providing trainees with a truly world class ambiance, which is backed by its reliable training history dating back to the 90’s. Students aiming high on pursuing various forms of management studies are seeking admission into the VIAS owing to its high rate of success in training and guiding participants. Imparting knowledge with a view to gibing a much deeper insight on a subject is the primary goal of the VIAS.

What Is So Special About VIAS?

The most popular departments of seeking admission include Tourism, Hospitality, and Hotel Management. Based on a well-furnished building bearing world-class training infrastructure, the VIAS has proven its worth as one of the pioneers in the training sectors. A vast majority of B-schools in India are following the footprints of our advanced curriculum and research protocol. We even acquired the best accreditations besides being affiliated by Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) /National Career Services (NCS).

With the expansion of our academic reputation, we have witnessed a growth in the number of staff members and participants in multiple folds. Our reputation in the academic sector has been of exceptional value for introducing the latest training and research techniques to the students.

How Is Life At VIAS?

Despite enjoying a high quality of life, a student doesn’t have to bear a high cost of boarding. A close proximity to the airport and the main railway stations makes it yield a win-win opportunity for all participants. Our students are bound to remain happy from the moment they step into our warm and safe premises. A smooth and happy learning experience is guaranteed within the friendly and tolerant ambiance.

VIAS is truly confident about setting the appropriate norms on guiding students in the right direction. We train them to be placed with the best hospitality organizations in the world. All of their outdoor activities and cultural events are arranged within the campus. Their lifestyle is governed by the most stringent disciplinary norms set by the VIAS administration. Our primary objective is to ensure total safety and security of all students even when they are enjoying a pastime. We are committed to extend a rewarding and pleasant learning experience for all career aspirants.