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Internship and Placement Guidance

At VIAS, we offer job placement counseling wherein out experts will sit with a student in person before and after he finishes off his graduation or program. The objective is to discuss his career aspirations before he joins our courses. Even after the completion of the course, we will analyze and discuss the career options based on a student’s realizations and achievements. The placement guidance cell will give a proper guidance to them based on their skill levels and career goals.

Besides guiding the students on off-campus interviews, we would even make every attempt to line up candidates for internship programs offered by companies that are in our client network. A plethora of internship programs are there to explore if you are fresh out if college; it will help in determining the right career path. Besides giving you a deep insight on your chosen field, it will even help you explore new opportunities and gain valuable practical experience.

Our Placement Guidance Cell is focused on simplifying the entire process of identifying the appropriate internship programs for our candidates. You don’t have to run through the internship websites as it consumes much time and often ends up misleading you. 

We Want You to Make the Most of Our Efforts in Placing You with Our Clientele: